What is the challenge of the SELNET project?

Interview with Javier Martín Broto, SELNET Consortium Coordinator – Spain

How can Sarcoma patients benefit from the SELNET consortium?

Interview with Celso Mello, Medical Oncologist and Partner Leader – Brazil

Which drug will play a special role?

Interview with César Serrano, Medical Oncologist – Spain

What is the cure rate expected for bone Sarcoma if we are following the clinical practice guidelines?

Interview with Emanuela Palmerini, Medical Oncologist – Italy

Why is so critical to refer patients with presumptive diagnosis of Sarcoma to Reference Centers?

Interview with Jean-Yves Blay, Medical Oncologist and Partner Leader – France

How can Mexico benefit from a consortium like SELNET?

Interview with Jorge Martínez Tlahuel, Medical Oncologist and Partner Leader – Mexico

How is the referral of patients with sarcoma organized in Argentina?

Interview with Matías Chacón, Medical Oncologist and Partner Leader – Argentina

What can we expect from new drugs?

Interview with Nadia Hindi, Medical Oncologist – Spain

Would Costa Rica be a good model of reference center in Central America?

Interview with Natalia Jiménez, Medical Oncologist and Partner leader – Costa Rica

How do patients assess Reference Centres in Spain?

Interview with Olga de la Llana, President of AEAS and patient representative

How can SELNET improve the knowledge in rare Sarcomas?

Interview with Silvia Stacchiotti, Medical Oncologist – Italy