SELNET Associated Partners are considered expert centers in sarcoma from the countries that are part of SELNET project. The main objective of the Associates Centers is to participate in an observational study and translational research program. They also receive assistance of complex clinical cases peer-review shared within the Consortium.

List of SELNET Associated Partners:

  • Canarian Universitary Hospital (Spain) 
  • Sant Pau Hospital (Spain)
  • San Carlos Clinical Hospital of Madrid (Spain
  • Son Espases Universitary Hospital (Spain)  
  • Basurto Universitary Hospital (Spain)
  • Vall d’Hebron Hospital (Spain)  
  • Bergonié Institute (France)
  • Gustave Roussy Center (France)
  • Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social Hospital de Oncología del Centro Médico Nacional Siglo XXI (México)
  • National Institute of Pediatrics (México)
  • Naval Hospital (México)
  • University Center Against Cancer, UANL, Monterrey (México)
  • 20 November Hospital, ISSSTE (México)
  • National Cancer Institute of Brazil (INCA) (Brazil)
  • Barretos Cancer Hospital (Brazil
  • ABC Faculty of Medicine (Brazil
  • Amaral Carvalho Hospital (Brazil)
  • Sírio-Libanês Hospital (Brazil) 
  • Regional Integration Oncology Center Foundation / COIR (Argentina)
  • Escuela de agudos Dr. Ramón Madariaga Hospital (Argentina)
  • Oncology Hospital of the province of Córdoba (Argentina)
  • Rafael Ángel Calderón Guardia Hospital (Costa Rica)
  • San Paul Hospital (Costa Rica) 
  • México Hospital (Costa Rica)
  • San Juan de Dios Hospital (Costa Rica)
  • Max Peralta Hospital (Costa Rica)
  • IREN North (Perú) 
  • Clínica Universidad de los Andes (Chile)
  • Hospital Clínico Universidad de Chile (Chile)
  • Centro de Cáncer, Clínica San Carlos de Apoquindo (Chile)
  • Instituto Oncologico Oriente Boliviano (Bolivia)
  • Fundacion Hospitalaria San Vicente de Paul (Colombia)

Established in Montecaseros 1020, M5500 Mendoza, Argentina

The COIR Foundation is a non-profit institution dedicated to improving the quality of life of cancer patients and their families through excellent treatment and a comprehensive support service, regional in scope in the west of the country.


  • Gema Aguil, Oncologist, PI
  • Julio Banffi, PhD, SC
  • Viviana Leiva, Oncologist, SI
  • Patricia Furlan, SC

It is located in Paseo Dr. Begiristain 121, San Sebastian 20014, Spain.

Osakidetza is the Basque Country Public Health System, in Spain. The Basque Autonomous Community consists of three different provinces, known as Alava, Bizcaia, and Gipuzkoa.

Gipuzkoa Clinical Oncology Management Unit, located in San Sebastian, is the center that provides public cancer assistance to Gipuzkoa province. The hospital is specialized in diagnosis, treatment, and research of different types of cancer, with a long experience in multidisciplinary tumor boards.

Staff  Members:

  • Ana Paisán Ruiz, Medical Oncologist and Partner Leader
  • Josep Manuel Pep Piera, Medical Oncologist
  • Manuel Moreno Valladares, Pathologist
  • María Aranzazu Juaristi Abaunz, Pathologist
  • María Hidalgo Ordoqui, Clinical Trials Coordinator
  • María Diez Zubizarreta, Clinical Trials Coordinator

Established in Passeig de la Vall d’Hebron, 119, 08035 Barcelona (Spain)

Vall d’Hebron University Hospital is the largest hospital complex in Catalonia and one of the most important in Spain. It offers highly complex healthcare through the public, teaching and community hospital. At its facilities, work on research, teaching and innovaton is carried out. The Vall d’Hebron Oncology Institute (VHIO) unites the efforts of multidisciplinary professionals with skills ranging from preclinical research to translational and clinical research.


  • Claudia Valverde, Oncologist, PI
  • Adriana Rojo, Project Manager

Establish in Calle del Prof Martín Lagos, s/n, 28040 Madrid (Spain)

Hospital Universitario Clínico San Carlos is a public and teaching academic institution, with almost 1000 beds. Our hospital is one of the National Reference Centres in sarcoma in Spain (CSUR).

Dr Juan Luis Cebrian Parra, from our Orthopedic and Traumatological Surgery Department, is in charge of our Sarcoma Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) and responsible for its functioning and planning.  All the members of the MDTs work hard to provide high-standard healthcare for the patients, optimizing treatments, new therapies and surgical techniques.

Our institution actively participates in clinical trials from phase I to phase IV in sarcomas to provide our patients with cutting-edge, high-quality treatments. The department of Medical Oncology counts with a well-organized clinical trial Unit. In addition to SELNET, our Unit is part of EORTC and GEIS, actively participating in academic clinical trials from these cooperative groups.

For additional information, please visit the site:


  • Dr Antonio Casado Herráez (Medical Oncologist), PI
  • Dr Aranzazu Manzano Fernández (Medical Oncologist), coinvestigator
  • Gloria Marquina Ospina (Medical Oncologist), coinvestigator
  • Dr Luis Ortega Medina (Head of the Department of Pathology), reference pathologist
  • Ana Paula Leyva: Sarcoma Case Manager Nurse
  • Helena Olivera Pérez-Frade and Raquel Rodriguez Damiano (Study coordinators)
  • Head of Clinical trials coordination Unit: Dr Rosario Alfonso San Segundo

Established in José Manuel Infante 805, Providencia, Región Metropolitana, Chile

Fundación Arturo Perez López (FALP) started its activity in August 1955.

In 1960, FALP became the first hospital in Chile with a tumor board and surgical oncologist.

FALP has progressively increased its activity through time, with more than 642,000 outpatient visits, more than 86,000 new patients, more than 242,000 chemotherapy courses, 55,000 oncological patients, 36,000 surgeries, 134,000 monographies performed in the screening program, 74,000 radiotherapy sessions and 43,000 hospital admissions in the period 2011-2017.

FALP is not only focused on cancer therapy, but also in medical education and screening programs for early cancer detection, committed to reach all the patients.


  • Dr. Luis Matamala Rebolledo (Medical Oncologist), PI
  • Dr. María Magdalena Delgado (Medical Oncologist), SI
  • Dr. Christian Caglevic Medina (Medical Oncologist), SI
  • Dr. Nicolas Devaud Jaureguiberry (Medical Oncologist) SI
  • Katherine Hermosilla, SC
  • Cyntia Obreque, SC