In Memoriam of Celso Mello

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  • Samuel Aguiar

    No words, no understanding. Our group is devasted…

  • Ronald

    Dear friend until next meeting.

  • Bruna David

    Thank you for the friendship and kindness. Your legacy is your commitment to the cause you chose, and that inspires us.
    Stay in peace, my dear friend!

  • cicero

    incredible doctor, great guy, always available. I remember when I asked him if he could come to Rio for a presentation and he prompted accepted . Terrible lost…. God bless his soul!

  • Suely Nakagawa

    Our soft tissue sarcoma and bone tumor Group is devastated. Too early, too terrible. A brilliant doctor, an aggregating professional, who was concerned with valuing his partners. Despite working at the same institution, in the same group, since the pandemic, we had weekly online meetings in our tumor board on Tuesdays, and we occasionally met in person during lunch hours between appointments, when we had the opportunity to talk about patients and amenities. Today, our group feels orphaned in some way, by this young leader who adopted us and led us during his brief stay here. Stay in peace and we pray that God give his family strength to go on.

  • Marina Pacheco

    A truly magnificent soul, whose kindness and generosity knew no bounds. You leave behind a legacy that will forever be cherished. May you rest in peace.

  • Dorian Garcia-Ortega

    I am deeply saddened by the loss of Celso Mello, my deepest condolences during this difficult time. My thoughts are with you and your family, and I am here to offer you support in any way necessary.

  • alberto righi

    A brillant researcher and a good friend….it was a pleasure to meet you
    stay in peace, great Celso!

  • Marco Gambarotti

    Dear Celso, it was a honor to collborate with you. May you rest in peace.

  • Dario Callegaro

    In remembrance of a humble and positive friend, whose contagious love for his work and his passions left an incredible mark. I recall a poignant evening on a small island in Rio, sharing fish, discussing sarcoma and, most notably, his own crafted cheese. May the earth rest gently upon you.

  • Paolo Dei Tos

    This seems not possible…Celso was thoughtful, kind, empathic, bright…We’ll miss him immensely.

  • Natalia Fernández

    No conocí personalmente al doctor Mello, aunque seguro que hemos coincidido en algún encuentro virtual de SELNET. Pero como superviviente de sarcoma no puedo más que lamentar una pérdida como la suya, de alguien comprometido y que tanto aportaba a ese mundo de las enfermedades tumorales minoritarias. Necesitamos no solo profesionales, sino excelentes personas. Infinito pesar.

  • Laura Cantero

    Una vez , durante la pandemia envié un material de patología para revisión a Brasil el cual fue confiscado por ser material biológico. Era imposible liberar y la necesidad del paciente era imperiosa. Celso se ocupó personalmente del caso asumiendo responsabilidad hasta legal. Luego al teléfono muy alegre mencionaba: lo hemos logrado y sin mas vueltas yo tenia un diagnóstico.
    Imposible no sentirse tan cerca de una persona tan auténtica, tan sencilla y con una altura científica destacada.
    Definitivamente deja un legado enorme y es un compromiso honrar su memoria.
    Un honor haberte conocido Celso, gracias !!!

  • Boris Itkin

    Mis sinceras condolencias a la familia y los amigos del Dr. Mello. No tuve suerte de conocerlo en persona, pero sí por su notable obra en la investigación medica. Una gran pérdida.

  • Cassia Silva

    Sometimes we are blessed to meet true angels, and you were one of those enlightened beings who crossed my path. My mentor, friend, teacher and brother, I express my deep gratitude for everything. Your marks will forever be recorded in my heart, Doctor Celso!

    • Cinthia Gauna

      Tuve el honor y placer de conocer a Celso en persona en el último Congreso Argentino el pasado noviembre , ya lo tenía como referente de sarcomas desde hace un tiempo,y compartir ese momento junto a él y el resto del grupo Selnet fue muy especial. Excelente profesional y maravillosa persona, realmente mucho dolor con su pérdida….Mis más sinceras condolencias a su familia y amigos.

  • Silvia Stacchiotti

    Dear Celso, good memories and shared passions can never be erased. Kep an eye on us from up there, and see you again one day not so far away. Sincerely, Silvia

  • Rodolfo Guzmán-Cervantes

    Dr. Celso Mello has been an example for sarcoma specialists.
    May his family and friends find relief.

  • Haydee Caro

    It seems not real. A great loss for everyone, his family, his friends, his patients and his country. I remember Celso as kind, enthusiastic person, he seemed like he could do anything and for everyone!
    Simply brilliant…

  • Nadia Hindi

    Today is a deeply sad day, the sarcoma family losses a friend and brilliant profesional. I feel honored for having met and worked with Dr Celso Mello. He was an example of humility and perseverance. He worked hard and tireless for improving sarcoma patients care in Brazil and he was a key actor in creating the Brazilian Sarcoma Group.
    Rest in peace dear Celso.
    We will keep your memory alive.

  • Natalia Jiménez

    Celso, I will always admire you for the human being that you were, always calm and brilliant at the same time, humble and extraordinary, always listening to people and with wonderful ideas to help others. I will not forget our conversations in portuñol and our laughter together. We learned a lot from you and we will always carry that in our hearts. Natalia from Costa Rica

  • Waldec Jorge

    The Brazilian Oncology is in mourning. Dear Celso, I am sure you are in a better place, but we are missing you. I had the privilege to share with you great experiences in medical oncology. Besides being a excellent doctor, you were an incredible person. Rest in peace my dear friend and co-worker.

  • Matías Chacón

    The entire oncology community feels the unexpected loss of Celso. A great doctor dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of rare tumors. SELNET loses one of its great pillars and founders. Our duty is to continue and keep his memory alive through the common objectives that guided us along the same path. Our greatest respect to his family.

  • Javier Martin-Broto

    Dear Celso:

    It is with deep sorrow that I’m writing you some words to express on one hand the intense pain I’m feeling because of your loss and, on the other hand, my gratitude for having met you. Walking alongside you was a pleasant experience, full of comfort, peace, motivation, joy, etc. I will miss you a lot my friend, my colleague. I can’t image the void your departure has left behind in AC Camargo, and in your family.

    Please don’t hesitate to pass along my contact information to your family; my phone is always on, ready to assist in any way possible (0034629108979)


  • Tomas Marques

    Celso was a dedicated oncologist committed to Sarcoma. Through his work in assistance and research, he continuously elevated our team and provided exceptional care for our patients. He will be deeply missed.

  • Julien Bollard

    What a incommensurable loss. Celso was one of the kindest person. Always very nice to me and welcoming. Celso, you will always be remembered.
    My deepest condolences to Celso’s family, friends and relatives.

  • Salvatore Provenzano

    Dear Celso, friend and deeply esteemed colleague, Life reserves countless ways for us, often unexpected, to be lived. Yours decided to stop so suddenly. Foolishly, I like to think that perhaps it wanted to spare you the suffering of illness, of old age… In mine, I was lucky enough to meet you, a kind, brilliant soul, dedicated to the common mission of helping our patients and tackling challenges with great commitment. I will never be grateful enough of. You will never be forgotten.

  • Juan Carlos Haro Varas

    A great loss, of a very helpful friend, willing to help and teach at all times, we will miss you very much Celso, may God keep you in his glory.

  • Tiago Góss dos Santos

    We mourn the passing of a remarkable clinician, researcher, and mentor. His absence leaves an immense void within our team. Yet, while his physical presence may be absent, his influence will endure in all our future endeavors. We are steadfast in our commitment to honoring his legacy and dedicated to upholding the invaluable work he initiated.

  • Ulisses Ribaldo Nicolau

    Dear Celso, my friend: I could describe so many things to demonstrate our gratitude for your work as a great doctor, great researcher and as a great source of inspiration. But, in fact, I lost a friend . I lost a close friend and I will always remember you as …..a friend ! I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with you and for your friendship for so many years.

  • Emanuela

    I met Celso in Maceio, 2023, President of the Of the first meeting of the Brazilian Sarcoma society. I was impressed by his kindness, education, and knowledge.

    I last spoke with him on what s up on the 3 Feb 2024.
    We made plan for him to visit Rizzoli in May and my uncle cheese company in Lazio.
    I am really sad for his sudden departure and I echo everybody prayers for his last trip.
    Sarcoma community will miss a great man.
    My deepest condolences to all of his friends and family.
    Ciao Celso

  • Ronald Badilla

    Celso, gentle and generous colleague. We were blessed to have met you. You will be deeply missed.

  • Marta Martín Ruiz

    What an immense loss. Celso was truly one of the kindest souls I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. He always greeted me with warmth and made me feel welcomed. Celso, your memory will forever bring a smile to our faces.

    My deepest sympathies go out to Celso’s family, friends, and loved ones during this difficult time.

  • Claudia Valverde (GEIS)

    Dear Celso, I’m sure you can feel all the prays and good wishes that your colleagues and friends are dedicating you in this sad time. That we all remember you with a smile, says a lot about the kind of person you were. On behalf of the Spanish Sarcoma Group, GEIS, I can say that we will deeply miss having you along to continue our common mission for improving sarcoma patients’ life. Our condolences to Celso loved ones.

  • Florencio Segura

    A great loss in the community of people inmersed in sarcoma tratment .

  • Florencio Segura

    A great loss for people involved in sarcoma tratment .